Gerhard Richter, Lebensfreude, 1956, Dt. Hygiene Museum Dresden, 2005, C-Print gerahmt hinter Glas 100 x 125 cm
The series

Vanishing Images, 2005-2010

Series of 14 Photograph, C-Prints, 100 x 125 cm and 125 cm x 100 cm, Edition of 5 + 2 A.P.

I follow the traces of art made in the former GDR. On the one hand I take photographs of the blank spaces in rooms or on the walls or facades that were appeared when pictures were taken away or painted over after the cultural and political turn in 1989. On the other hand I visit archives or storages where images with an uncertain future are stored or forgotten. The titles of the photographs refer to these. My „vanished pictures“ by including the name of the artist, the title, dates and technique, thereby become their representatives.