Die Kammer, Kienbaum, 2009, C-Print 24 x 30 cm
The series

The Chamber, Kienbaum, 2009

Series of 17 Photograph, 24 x 30 cm and 30 x 24 cm, 5 Silkscreens, 18 x 24 cm, Edition of 5 + 2 A.P.

1 of 5 Artist Books, Edition of 13 + 2 A.P.

Near Berlin, in a sport-training-camp, in a small forest is a room without function, concervated since nineteen years. It was a secret room, which was used by athletes to increase their red blood cell count and haemoglobin concentration with the help of a simulation of altitude training. My work show the different rooms of the chamber in combination with screen prints from former sport events.