from the series Underexposed Modernity, 2017-2018
The series

Underexposed Modernity, 2017-2018


“Underexposed Modernity“ is a series still in process which shows buildings from the period of classical modernism which attracted little consideration so far. These are in particular the buildings of Thilo Schoder who projected a women's hospital and a textile factory in Gera, a hospital in Zwenkau near Leipzig and a residential area in Hermsdorf. Schoder invented between 1919 and 1932 further important works mainly im Thuringia ansd Saxony before emigrating to Norway. His buildings as well as his furnitures fell into oblivion and still are in the shadow of architectural history. They are underexposed. The photographies of these buildings are documentary because they depict the existing buildings and likewise subjective because they show the architecture solely en detail and in a new perspective.